02 Mar

Shower valves and shower accessories for that perfect bath

Posted in Home Improvement on 02.03.15

A bath is always associated with a refreshing experience. A hot bath in winters calms the body and takes away all the tiredness and a cold shower in summer can make you fresh even after a long day of work. A shower mixer takes the hot and cold water from your system and combines them to create the stream of water for you. In this a mixer tap is connected a hose and shower connection. You can control the temperature of the water stream by hot and cold-water taps on the mixer unit. These mixer ...

01 Mar

How to Care for Laminate Flooring

Posted in Home Improvement on 01.03.15

It's hard to damage and easy to care for laminate floors. Here are some tips on how to properly maintain them: 1. Carefully read the warranty and care instructions provided for your flooring. Follow them as much as you can and refer to them if a problem develops. 2. Ask for post-installation care instructions.You may not be able to mop the floor for 48 hours or you may be given other care instructions,depending on the flooring brand. 3. Don't wet-mop laminate floors, because puddles could ...

28 Feb

Decking Provides Many Memorable Family Moments

Posted in Home Improvement on 28.02.15

We are enjoy a nice relaxing, quiet time spent in the outdoors, and for thousands of us we love to enjoy our own backyard oasis or deck. Decking when built can give you hours of enjoyment, fun and relaxation by cooking on the barbecue grill or sitting and relaxing the outdoors. When choosing to install a deck onto your house it doesn't only look well but also adds value to your home. The definition of decking refers to the floor of a ship and actually a lot of the wood still used to make decks ...

27 Feb

Shed Foundation - Choosing the Right Foundation For Your Outdoor Shed Or Storage Garage

Posted in Home Improvement on 27.02.15

If you are planning on building a garden or outdoor storage shed your investment will be sturdier and stand the test of time if sheds foundation is done correctly. Presuming that you have taken care to check that you do not offend any building codes or upset the local tenants association then your shed foundation is the next most important item on your list. The easiest and most basic foundation of all is a dirt floor which is acceptable for a pole type barn. However, if you are going to add ...

26 Feb

Buying a Whirlpool Bath

Posted in Home Improvement on 26.02.15

Whirlpool baths are becoming increasingly popular, with more people benefiting from their home spa whirlpool. Whirlpool can be fitted with a filtration system which cleans the bath for you, allowing you to spend your time relaxing. Whirlpool baths are known world-wide for their luxurious designs and relaxation. They are the perfect thing for relaxing at home after a hard day at work or just the normal everyday stressful activities. Whirlpools are designed to fulfil the consumers luxury wants ...

25 Feb

How About a Wooden Skid Foundation?

Posted in Home Improvement on 25.02.15

Your new workshop shed is going to need a foundation to sit on just like your house does. If you built the shed directly on top of the ground you would experience damage from the effects of moisture and soil. The shed also needs to be anchored which the skid foundation allows and also protects the shed from shifting during seasonal snow-thaw cycles. Other than a wooden skid foundation there is also the cement slab foundation. In this short dissertation let's just consider the wooden skid ...

24 Feb

Concrete Slab Foundation for Shed

Posted in Home Improvement on 24.02.15

Like your house, a wooden storage shed must sit on a foundation. Of the two most common types of foundations, that being the concrete slab and the wooden skid foundation, the slab is somewhat more elaborate. The concrete slab foundation for shed is also known as a slab-on-grade foundation. The slab foundation will be discussed in this article. The concrete slab, when used as the floor of a storage shed, will be 3 to 4 inches thick with a perimeter or footing of 8 to 12 inches thick. The ...

23 Feb

Bath and Shower - Hong Kong, China

Posted in Home Improvement on 23.02.15

Bath and Shower - Hong Kong, China Personal hygiene concerns increased in 2009 following the outbreak of the H1N1 virus. Following the SARS outbreak in 2003, consumers in Hong Kong were well acquainted with the need to maintain personal cleanliness, leading to a surge in demand for liquid soap products (including hand sanitisers). While, these were not necessarily used in reality, many felt safe stocking up, whether at home or at work. Euromonitor International's Bath and Shower Products in ...

22 Feb

Dealing with Stuck Doors and Windows

Posted in Home Improvement on 22.02.15

here are few things more annoying than stuck windows or doors. Especially if you are in a hurry, you don't want to be struggling with a door to get going Windows There are many reasons a window may stick. Windows are usually made of wood and wood can expand or contract. Parts of a window may have been painted over that need to move, or sometimes the surfaces stick together. All of these problems can be solved. -If a joint is painted over, cut the paint with a putty knife tool made for this ...

21 Feb

Modern Town House Plans

Posted in Home Improvement on 21.02.15

Modern Town House Plans feature Constantly Changing Designs Modern town homes generally match the current technology trends and usually attract young adults. Architects are constantly changing plans to reinterpret what the idea of modern is. You will also find townhomes that are designed to work with the latest gadgets and appliances. Modern town homes are generally simple and box like as the walls don't curve like other home designs. There are a few common features that modern houses usually ...