29 Dec

Why laminate flooring is the perfect choice for family

Posted in Home Improvement on 29.12.14

If you've ever had carpets or vinyl flooring you've probably had your share of stains, spills, and rips that no matter what you do, you can't quite wash out. Or perhaps the family pet has scratched the carpet edging, or even worse - had a bathroom mishap on the children's favorite playing area? Your flooring nightmares can finally end! Laminate flooring was designed to stand up to the rigors and demands of a busy family household and when compared to other types of flooring solutions easily ...

28 Dec

Green Living Green Energy

Posted in Home Improvement on 28.12.14

Green living entails using green technologies to produce green energy. Green technologies imply harnessing the eco-friendly natural resources like solar and wind power to produce energy in order conserve the earth and its environment. Solar energy is one of the major sources of renewable energy. It involves using the power of Sun to generate energy. Solar energy is an ideal replacement for perishable energy resources like coal and petroleum that are being used for decades. The need for ...

27 Dec

Feng Shui and Water Features

Posted in Home Improvement on 27.12.14

Feng Shui and Water Features Feng Shui (translated literally means wind and water), dating back over 5000 years, is the ancient Chinese art of positioning objects for harmony and balance in the environment. Water plays an important part in this traditional belief. Water is equated with the flow of Chi which is the energy or life force of the universe, believed to be present in all living things. Where Chi flows freely and accumulates there is health, abundance and prosperity. Where Chi ...

26 Dec

Green Living Tips

Posted in Home Improvement on 26.12.14

What difference can one homeowner make to the environment? Why, when big polluters are making "green" changes, do we need to change our daily living habits? The answer is simple... children! By making slight and easy changes in the way we look at, and treat Planet Earth today, future generations of children will have learned by example. Teach the Children My children love the outdoors, because I expose them to it. They also love computers, and I am sure if we exposed them to fast foods they ...

25 Dec

Why hardwood flooring is still a good investment

Posted in Home Improvement on 25.12.14

1) Hardwood flooring has a timeless air of quality Hardwood floors have decorated some of the most exclusive mansions and estates in history and still exudes a feeling of permanence and classic quality compared to manufactured floors. 2) Hardwood floors are natural Hardwood floors bring the natural outdoors inside, and do not contain man-made chemicals in the wood itself. Homeowners with exclusive design tastes will tend to gravitate towards the quality and natural feel of hardwood floors - ...

24 Dec

Types of Bath and Shower Faucet

Posted in Home Improvement on 24.12.14

A Bath and shower faucet is one of the more crucial accessories in the shower area. When you buy a faucet, there are various things that need to be considered like the handles, finishing and also the spout style. Both the style and the functions in your bathroom are more or less decided by the model of the faucet you pick out. If you have already decided with the theme of your bathroom, then select your faucet according to it. Bath and shower faucet has dozens of models in the market. Some of ...

23 Dec

Technological Advances in Windows and Doors

Posted in Home Improvement on 23.12.14

Over the course of the past three decades, there have been many advances in the exterior fenestration industry. One might argue that window and door innovations have helped set the pace for today's increasingly "maintenance free" home improvement products. With the introduction of exterior cladding and insulating glass, today's consumers are faced with many new options designed to increase the efficiency and aesthetic of their homes. Historically speaking, windows and doors were ...

23 Dec

Home Security The Doors to your home.

Posted in Home Improvement on 23.12.14

In part 3 of this occasional series on home security we are going to look at the main points of entry to your home the doors. It makes no sense to have flimsy weak doors on your house, what you really need is something that a House Breaker will bounce off when they try to force it. In the next article in the series I will deal with the locks and hinges fitted to your doors but for now I would like to concentrate on the physical construction of the actual doors themselves. The back and front ...

23 Dec

Garage Doors

Posted in Home Improvement on 23.12.14

/p> You may think choosing garage doors is straight forward, however there are many things to consider, such as whether your garage is adjoining your property, is it a single or a double garage, how much clearance inside and out is needed and so on. Also, the appearance of the garage door can influence what material you use. There are four basic types of garage door and three different materials commonly used to construct these doors. We take a brief look at the four types of garage door which ...